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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting is what defines us as professsionals. It's our pride and joy to deliver the most beautiful finishing touches to your business so your customers feel comfortable and welcome in your facilities. Our staff of high quality painters have delivered professional results for professional organizations time and again. Over the years, we've developed corporate and local clients for our commercial contracts.  Whether you are planning your job ahead of schedule, or need something done in a hurry, we will be there for you! 

Best Western Hotel Restorations 

We took a trip down to Lousiana to help restore hotels damaged by the devastating effects of hurricane katrina. This is a testament to the lengths that we will go to help others restore their businesses and their lives. These hotels were beautiful before Katrina destroyed them and it was an honor for us to make them beautiful once again.

S.U. Department of Commissioning

Lots of tedious cutting-in work on this particular job. We had to be accurate and precise while we painted. This just shows our focus and professionalism that derives from 23 years in the commercial painting business. We love showing people how skilled we are and how much we've learned over the years, and jobs like this exemplify the dedication to our craft that we bring every day to the job. We are confident that we can do any job in any situation! 

SALT Quarters, Syracuse, NY

We helped transform this building in the SALT district of Syracuse. Before  (top left) and After (top right) images are quite stunning. We were glad to be a part of this great project! For more details on SALT Quarters visit: 

Interior & Exterior Painting,Syr


We painted this building, inside and out once it was designed and built by others. A complete project  that we are proud of the work we were able to contribute to making this not only a comfortable place to work, but a very classic and stylish one as well.  From staining all the wood, painting the walls and ceilings and completing the outside for a complete look.

PE 2.jpg
PE 4.jpg

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Other Commercial Projects:

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  • Seaway Loft Apartments-Oswego

  • Pennellville Sr Living Apartments

  • Syracuse University

  • Purenergy business office 

  • Pike Block Condo's 

  • Oxford Inn Men's Shelter

  • And Many More...

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